Usha Service Centre in Hyderabad

Usha Service Centre in Hyderabad

Usha International Limited is one of India’s known consumer durables marketing and distribution companies. Usha International Limited is a multi product consumer durable marketing and distribution company with a diverse product portfolio that includes the following product lines: electric fans, sewing machines, home appliances, engines, electrical motors & pump sets, drinking water coolers & dispensers, and auto components.

Usha International Limited has been marketing its products since mid 1950 s under the brand name Usha. Usha International Limitedhas locational offices across India with a location head in Delhi to ensure capture of synergies across product lines.

Usha International Limited also has joint ventures with Hunter Fan Company, USA and Janome Sewing Machine Company, Japan. Usha International Limited had made a tieup and is now part of the Siddharth Shriram Group, one of India’s renowned business groups with interests as diverse as sugar, edible oils and industrial chemicals to fans, appliances and automobiles.
usha company has captured the consumer market in India with the manual sewing machine when the cloth was purchased and got stitched at many tailoring outlets in all the parts of India. but after the trend is changed to almost ready made culture and availability of the stitched garments online the manual sewing machines got replaced by electronic sewing machines both for domestic and industrial usage which does all the functions in bulk for the cloths which are cut stitched aligned and buttons stitched and finally pressed for the dispatch against the orders from the people against post and pre payment online as per their wish and with the press of a app on the smart mobiles and internet on mobile itself.
hence the Usha international limited started with production of electronic gadgets online with the demand to meet this requirement of the day in the Indian market. and now is also manufacturing other electronic gadgets like fans air coolers electronic iron ,geysers microwave ovens and heaters both for existing and the new customers in the market of India for both domestic as well as industrial use.

Usha Shriram Enterprises Pvt. India is a multi-product company. Usha company have a range of products right from Home & Institutional Lighting, all types of Furniture & Mattresses, Pressure Cookers & Cookware, Televisions & Accessories, Water & Air Purifiers, Mobiles and CCTV Camera among others. usha products are marketed under the brand Usha/ Usha Shriram.

Usha Fans & Appliances have set up marketed exclusively under the premium brand “EUROLEX”.The company’s products are also exported to countries in the Middle East and Africa our products are tested for all necessary Indian and International standards at our extensive and well equipped testing facility.

Our motto is constant improvement and striving for the best to keep ahead of the competition.
The Usha company is now promoted by business professionals with vast experience in the field of manufacturing and marketing in India and abroad.

The usha Company continues to follow the guiding principles of business viz developing innovative products based on consumer research and focusing on customer satisfaction and delight through highest standard of quality & service.

The usha company believes that its strength is the talented workforce who remains motivated to exceed customer expectations and create customer delight always. This is what has made USHA, USHA SHRIRAM & EUROLEX a force to reckon with in the industry and has also given the brands phenomenal goodwill.Usha company has gone upto the extent of majing business associates/ distributors/ dealers and suppliers are all partners in our progress of the usha company.

Brand Usha Shriram private limited is known for its quality and reliability and has built its reputation over decades through millions of satisfied customers. Usha company have pan India after sales service network in India and is called as Usha service center which is opened in most of the cities of India including one at Hyderabad in Telangana andalso a different department in the same premises of usha service centre in Hyderabad called as usha home service centre in Hyderabad exclusively for the domestic customers. This act on the part of the Usha service centre in Hyderabad has provided the avoidance of the confusion between the industrial and domestic customers which was previously there at the usha service centre Hyderabad prior to take and implement this decision by the usha company.

Home Usha Service Centre in Hyderabad is equipped with the
latest machines and gadgets that are required for the domestic home customers to make a preventive maintenance and at the time when the equipment goes out of use for defects etc both during and out of warranty period ofcourse with the payment either on job to job basis or annual maintenance contract as per the customers will and option. The domestic customer can now call the service personnel of usha home service centre in Hyderabad either at their home or at the usha home service centre in Hyderabad and the staff of the usha home service centre in Hyderabad . as the spares are supplied the genuineness need not be a cause of threat to the customer to have a long life to their usha gadgets through the Home Usha Service Centre in Hyderabad.

as a result of this departmentalization on the part of the Usha service centre in Hyderabad opportunities for placing more employment are arisen and estra avenue for therevenue to the usha company in the shape of spares and services as well.

For the best possible maintenance of your classic Usha appliances reach out to us at Imark Service Center and we will put your device in its former glory. The most encountered problem with Usha is hassles with the fan and regulator. Do not opt to try it out yourself since you may end up getting severely injured due to ignorance to the working of wires, and end up burning the entire wire system of your house that will cost you a fortune to get right. So do not take the risk and trust our Usha Service Centre in Hyderabad with the safety of your house in pocket friendly prices.