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History of a Television
Old portable television

The word “television” is derived from the words tele a Greek word representing for far away and vision (sight) over the screen available for this purpose.
A television (also known as a TV shortly ) is a electronic gadget and a mechanism with a screen for both display of pictures and sound . Televisions receive broadcasting signals and turn them into pictures and sound.

Sometimes a television can look like a box. Older TVs had a large cathode ray tube in a large wooden frame and sat on the floor like furniture. Newer TVs are much lighter and flatter.
Now the latest TV s can show pictures from many television networks. Computers and mobile devices also can be used for watching television programs.

At first, all televisions used an antenna (or aerial) fixed above the house or terrece. This would pick up television programmes from broadcasting stations opted for . A TV station could be many miles or kilometers away, and still be received through this antenna.. TVs can also show movies from VCD and DVD players or VCRs. Cable TV and Satellite television can provide more programs at once than compared to a broadcast can. Video game consoles connect to most modern TVs. Some computers can also use a TV as a computer monitor.

All TVs have screens where the picture is viewed. Before the 1950s these were usually “black and white”, which made everything look grey, but all modern TVs show colors with LCD and LED versions . Most of the latest century screens also had rounded corners. That is because television screens were cathode ray tubes. These are appearing like heavy glass jars with one side bulging out to form from the the TV screen.

Today flat panel displays are the usual kind. These are usually flat rectangles with straight edges. This long rectangle looks more like the shape of a movie theater screen. This is called widescreen. If a widescreen set was 30 cm tall, it would be 53 cm wide. For this to work best, TV shows also need to be made in widescreen. Widescreen sets can still be any size, but they have the same widescreen shape in respect of vision with curved and complex TV panels.

The early 21st century is also when digital television transmission became more common than analog television.
in such a way that now the internet can also be directly broadcasted on the Tv and hence the with this feature and option provided along with apps connected to view the larger version of the picture and sound. and the home theater attachment is made it available for desired elevation in the sound to suit the different room length available for this TV where it is installed and can be watched as well in HDMI Output with the HDMI cable installed through the ports available on the TV sides for this purpose and at the option which is done over the remote control button which is the result of Smart Tv and in combination with the research and development.

The most important feature is the power saving devices are adopted by the TV manufacturers in India and are rating them with 3 star and 5 star rating to supplement the deficiency of power shortages which are common during the Hot summer and its spells during the year In India and are now hence adopting the solar power alternatives which is both natural and cost effective when compared to conventional electricity which is scarce when compared to the needs of the people.

with all these features the Televisions are being sold with price to compete in the market among the various tv brands. but with the knowledge and the awareness created to the public in general who are the ultimate customers of Tv an electronic gadget in the market.But now he customers are first finding out whether the service after the sale within and out of the warranty period as well as availability of genuine spares parts of the TV mode and brands of them.This is the essential element of the sale of any electronic gadget in India which is also the case even with the TV manufacturers in India.hence not to have any sort of reduction in sale due to this have started the service units either on their own or with the outsourcing of
franchisee with authorization and spares supply under their control. and the deviations will be strictly dealt on the franchisee with legal consequences for their such act of deviations to their account including costs and deposit forfeiture

The TV service centre is hiring both the skilled and unskilled employees to work at the Tv service centre . In fact, they are trained with the company training centre at the main manufacturing unit itself and only on gazing their performance in totality will be deputed to the actual Tv service center from where they were recruited and are placed under the exisiting seniors in the service centre of TV service centre. they will be provided with the genuine service work tools and work stations within the service department in the Tv service centre which are now available in all the cities and states of India

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