Kenstar Service Centre in Hyderabad

Studies and surveys have shown that the Indian consumer needs for electronic gadgets and house hold appliances are evolving. The consumer now wants premium quality at an optimum price and is open to accepting new product of electronic and home appliances categories with sound technical support and trustworthy brands. Kenstar was one of the first companies to recognize this trend and decided to introduce its Microwave Oven range. And needless to say, it became no. 1 in the consumer preference with a surprising momentum. Kenstar then spotted an opportunity in the then much-crowded unorganized sector and introduced its own range of Air Coolers. Today, Kenstar has grown in the market to Renjoys the leader’s crown in the category.Kenstar is a name that stands for international quality, style and durability. By introducing a range of high quality product categories in the electronic gadget and home appliances , Kenstar lays the commitment of an international lifestyle to every Indian household.These brand values are reflected in its brand identity to such an extent of patenting the kenstar in the consumer calling it as My World My Kenstar. Kenstar believes in constant technological up gradation and developing value for money products.the Kenstar have set up its state-of-the-art Design & Development department.
With a wide range of products with international look, feel and aesthetics, Kenstar introduces every household in India equivalent to a world-class lifestyle.Kenstar is all about innovation and developing more technology frontiers. With ultra-modern technology backed with expertise, Kenstar provides best value and comfort for every household.With customer centricity, Kenstar focuses to deliver high quality products, making it a brand you can trust. Kenstar products are long-lasting and save your time and effort for many years.

These are the developments which were the reasons for achieving success in the sales front by the ken star electronic gadgets and home appliances , the modern and the vital concept to keep the kenstar electronic and home appliances market on a long run basis among the competitors in the Indian market is the after sales service and preventive maintenance to the gadgets so sold of both electronic and house hold appliances of the Kenstar brand.

With this, the kenstar company has proposed to open the kenstar service centre in the different parts of India and one of such Kenstar service centre in Hyderabad among them. This kenstar service cente is now endowed with the various skilled and semi skilled workers who have undergone the strenuous training program at the main plant of the production and also through the Research and development unit of the kenstar brand of the electronic gadgets and home appliances . These service centre engineers of the kenstar service centre in Hyderabad will also be tested through the periodical tests and also undergo the lectures on the way of behaiviour with the customers at their homes and complete the service task attested to them by the Kenstar service center in Hyderabad.

the service engineer who will pass in all aspects of the kenstar electronic and home appliances trouble shooting areas now will be able to depute them through the kenstar service center in Hyderabad. for the purpose of registration of the customer calls let it be service oriented or on the other subjects of the kenstar electronic and home appliances at the Kenstar service centre in Hyderabad. The kenstar service centre in Hyderabad has also taken the step of registering the kenstar service centre unit in Hyderabad with the Imark authorities of India which is compulsory and mandatory aspect of each and every service centre for the various products dealt by them irrespective of whether company owned outsourced or franchisee as per the Government of India Norms on the service centers and now the kenstar service centrein Hyderabad is now will be writing the
name as IMark kenstar service centre in Hyderabad.

The Imark service center in Hyderabad has now apart from the servicing have to educate and impart customers of the minimum knowledge on the various gadgets of either electronic or home appliances which were sold to them and are under the jurisdiction of the I mark kenstar service centre in Hyderabad so that the customers of the kenstar gadget or appliance will now be only able to report the concerned area of the problem that they may face with the kenstar appliance or the gadget owned by them to the service engineer of the Kenstar Imark service centre in Hyderabad. Then the service engineer will now has to carry the concerned service tools and tools that are available already with the Imark ken star service centre in Hyderabad. The service engineer now deputed from the Imark service centre in Hyderabad will have to also apart from the resolving of the service problem will do s and donts to not have a re occurrence of the type of problem the maintenance and cleanliness aspect where he cam sell the cleaning detergents connected with the unit owned by them of the Kenstar produce of electronic or home appliances. which will inturn fetch the new area of revenue to the kenstar manufacturing company

The ware house now opened along with the Imark kenstar service centre in Hyderabad will also be able toprovide employment opportunities both directly and indirectly in the shape of staff and service personnel and also to the outsources like courier fleet owners through the Imark kenstar service cemtre in Hyderabad .

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