IFB Service Centre in Hyderabad

IFB offers incredibly the best products & services

IFB is known for it’s technology driven, user-friendly and stylish home appliances and electronic goods. The brand has become a popular name in the consumer appliances market as it offers reliable, durable and trusted products. Within a very short period of time, it has gained a strong foothold in the Indian market and good percentage of consumers. The Company name IFB stands for Indian Fine Blanks Limited. It started it’s journey in 1974 and in last 4 decades, the Company has become a very popular home appliance brand in the Indian market. With it’s widest range of home appliances and the laundry, kitchen and living solutions, the Brand has made the lives of people much easier and more convenient than ever. With contemporary designs and great functionality, IFB leaves no stone unturned to make it’s presence all over the world. In the last four decades, the Brand has mastered the art of designing products that fulfil all customers’ needs. The Company has recently celebrated over four decades of technical and innovation excellence. With a widest range of innovative products, the Company has transformed daily lives of many families. It aims to deliver energy efficient, durable and sustainable products that will not cause any kind of harm to customers as well as environment.

The portfolio of IFB is really very diverse and versatile. It manufactures futuristic range of washing machines, dishwashers, laundry dryers, washer dryers, microwave ovens, hobs, chimneys and other cooking appliances. The Company has brought many potential innovations into the Indian market that has set benchmarks for others. It is the first Indian brand which introduced load washing machine in the country. They also were the first one to bring India’s first smart load washing machine, first cloth dryer and first dishwasher. The company has a manufacturing facility in Goa to produce home appliances. There are also a large number of IFB Service Centres in Hyderabad for the best after sales service of IFB appliances which is very critical for success in a country like India.

IFB is not only associated with consumer goods and home appliances, but also has various divisions and companies with all together different functionality and importance.

  • The first division is the home appliances, which is a very popular one.
  • The second is IFB Agro Limited
  • The third is IFB Automotive Private Limited
  • The Fine Blanking Division of IFB Industries Ltd.

The Company has it’s stores and service centers in Indian. With a widest range of stores and service centers all over India, the Company leaves no chance to offer highest quality services to customers so that they don’t feel any kind of inconvenience. If you are staying in Hyderabad then checkout imark IFB service center in Hyderabad ensuring highest level of services and quality.


Why to choose imark IFB service center in Hyderabad?

While using the IFB appliances, if you are finding any issue, instead of using trial and error method to solve the issue, it’s better to take it to the experts, the IFB service centres in Hyderabad, to save your time and get optimal resolution. There is a good number of reasons to choose imark IFB service center in Hyderabad. if you are using a variety range of IFB products, starting from dishwasher to washing machine to cloth dryer, and some problem arises after some point of time, then the center will take care of it. It offers timely, technology driven and trusted repairs and services. The center offers original spare parts and high quality services to customers so that they don’t get any trouble in the future. The center is also equipped with high end machinery and tools followed by a team of professional and highly qualified technicians, engineers and customer care executives. The center offers instant solution to all queries registered offline or online. Imark service center in Hyderabad can also be reached at www.imarkservicecenter.com for all IFB products and appliances.

Benefits of taking service from imark IFB service center Hyderabad

Imark service center for IFB in Hyderabad has proved many a times that quality has no other match. With it’s reliable and high quality services, the Brand has proved its existence in Hyderabad. So which ever product you are facing issue with, be it be your washing machine, laundry dryer, dish washer, refrigerator, chimney, microwave or hobs, this IFB service  center in Hyderabad has got expert technicians who can repair anything and everything of these IFB appliances. The center can also be reached at online website www.imarkservicecenter.com where customers can get 24 hours assistance. They can register complaints to our technicians and customer support executives to get an instant solution. The service center doesn’t charge a bomb for out of warranty products or any other big technical fault. With reasonable charges, the center repairs all those electronics or household appliances with no warranty. The technicians and engineers also share each and every detail, problem and expense related to their gadgets, electronics and home appliance so that they don’t feel cheated in future. The service center has also shared every detail about the services it offers on the website. Apart from that, customers can also contact the helpline number to schedule the appointment or pick up. The number is mentioned on the website, www.imarkservicecenter.com . Simply logon to the site and get all relevant details about your brand and service center. Those who can’t come down to the service center due to any professional or personal commitments can simply raise a request for free pickup on the website. They can either call the helpline number or just chat with the customer care representative to get instant pickup. The service center also offers a free drop right at your doorstep. Just speak to the team and get it done. Apart from that, the imark IFB service center in Hyderabad is lased with all innovative and technology driven features, infrastructure and machines to offer quick services without wasting time of customers.