Crompton Service Centre in Hyderabad

Crompton Brings Technology Driven Products & Smooth Services

Crompton is a very popular name in the market. It produces finest range of household appliances, electronics and many more utility products for various fields. The Company is known for it’s sheer amount of innovation, creativity and quality products that have created a big impact on consumers as well as leading world markets. The Company began its journey from Mumbai and slowly and gradually spread like a wildfire all over India with it’s dedication to deliver high quality products and services to customers. With a versatile range of products that Company manufactures every year, it has been also associated with power generation like motors and transformer components. The Company is also known for it’s transformers, reactors, protection control and automation, mobile substations, stampings, laminations, services for industrial systems, power line carrier communication, control and realy panels, data concentrators units and many more consumer appliances. With a team of engineers and designers that enhance the product quality, product certifications, enhancements and also the operational optimization on any one element, the Company is leaving no stone unturned to create futuristic range of products for consumers.

The Company has recently celebrated it’s Foundation Day on 1st October. It has also been a market leader in fans, domestic pumps and street lighting for over 20 years. Apart from the above listed products, Crompton offers many more products such as air purifier, fans, lightening, home appliances, pumps for agricultural and residential usage. The Company has versatile range of solutions for many industries including residential, hospitality, retail shops, industry, gifting, institutional, outdoor and office. The best part is that all Crompton products are easy to install and use.

The Company’s portfolio of energy-saving products comprise five star rated durable fans, lights, pumps and appliances for both, residential and commercial usage. It continuously introduces smarter and more efficient products in order to save a lot of utility bills of customers. On top of that, the Company is also known for designing stylish products that can give a brand new style to your home, and enhance the décor of your space to manifolds. The brand has multiple stores in various cities and manufacturing units in Goa, Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Baddi.

Why To Choose Crompton

The Company has been setting high standards and benchmarks in the industry since it’s inception. It’s products are known for quality, reliability and performance. It is committed to deliver high end products and services through it’s team of researchers, scientists and engineers. Crompton service centers are spread all across the country and one can easily find it’s exclusive stores in every metropolitan city.

Why To Choose imark service center for Crompton in Hyderabad

 Crompton pays a lot of attention to customer satisfaction and after sales support services in order to retain loyalty of loyal customers. Thus, it has spread the network of it’s customer care centres all over India including Hyderabad. Knowing the fact that Hyderabad is a big metropolitan city, it has build a very big service center and given the responsibility to one of the most prestigious service centers, imark. IMARK is a Crompton service center in Hyderabad and it takes care of Company’s all products. Imark service center has technology driven methods, a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians and state-of-the-art infrastructure to handle hundreds of customers on a daily basis.

iMark Service Center leaves no stone unturned to offer high quality services through a team of highly professional, experienced and future-driven technicians and engineers. The team is trained in handling all the problems related to home appliance or gadget. The service center also offers services for some of the best brands like Crompton including LG, Kenstar, Samsung, Sony, Whirlpool and many more.

The customer support team deals every customer with smile and offer best repair, maintenance and after sales services to Crompton customers. The center has also a website, where customers can lodge their complaint to get instant reply from the team of experts. The site is equipped with all the information related to the services and brands so that customers can get a good view of everything before coming to the center. Customers can also request for free pick up of their gadgets, home appliances or many more products of Crompton covered under warranty. The center leaves no stone unturned to offer timely and hassle-free after sales support to all Crompton customers in Hyderabad.

Benefits of choosing iMark Service Center in Hyderabad

iMark service center for Crompton is known for it’s quality services. There are many good reasons of choosing imark service center for Crompton in Hyderabad.

  • The service center is equipped with all technology driven equipments, machines and infrastructure to accommodate good number of customers every day.
  • It offers hassle-free and timely services to customers. It also looks after customers’ feedback and experiences to serve even better in future.
  • The center has a helpline number which works round the clock. Customers can register their complaints regarding products by talking to our customer representatives.
  • The center also offers online support for customers. One can visit the website and chat with our representatives to talk about product related problems and get an instant appointment for the center.
  • It also offers widest range of product related information on the website and Company’s literature so that customers can easily trust the brand without having any doubt in their mind.
  • Those who can’t come down to the Crompton service center in Hyderabad can also request for free pick up and drop of their products by asking the customer care support.
  • It doesn’t charge too much and wont burn a hole in customers’ pockets. The center charges reasonable amount for services. It offers transparent services, thus customers will be educated on everything.
  • Every single technician and engineer is hired after so many rounds in order to deliver best after sales support to customers.
  • The center is located in the heart of the city, Hyderabad so that customers can easily locate it without facing any inconvenience.